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Cakes & Candles 1 Ball Shawl

This Cakes & Candles pattern is perfect for a 1 ball shawl, but it is also easily adjustable to a full size shawl by using 3 balls of yarn.  The border is already done for you just by finishing off on a shells and candles row. Can easily be made with worsted weight size 4 thickness yarn and a 6.0mm hook.

Customer Reviews

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Allison ( Utah)
I love this pattern!

I have actually made many shawls with this pattern from watching the video instructions, but needed a printed reminder and ordered the pattern. It is a fun, easy pattern and can make a small triangular scarf or a shawl as big as you want it. I've used multi-color striping yarn for all of them and they are just fun!

Kathryn Devereux
One of My Favorite Patterns!

This is a beautiful and easy shawl to make. I always use additional yarn to make a big shawl. The only thing I would do differently is to add a few additional pictures from the crochet process. I’ve made it several times before….one of my favorite patterns to use when making a gift shawl…but I am a visual learner and LOVE pictures.

Jill Kilgore

Very nice pattern. Very easy to understand.

patty pickle
Love This

This is a wonderful pattern--fast and super easy to follow. The shawl can be casual or sophisticated depending on the yarn choice. Christa does marvelous and fun tutorials! Check them out if you haven't.