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21 Top Tips for Crochet Beginners

February 03, 2019 1 min read

21 Top Tips for Crochet Beginners - Secret Yarnery

  1. Expect to be turning your wrist a lot.
  2. Use light colors of yarn
  3. No textured or fuzzy yarn
  4. Use yarn that is worsted weight (size 4) or thicker
  5. Keep your ball of yarn on your non-dominant side
  6. There is no right way to hold you hook or yarn
  7. Make yourself some stitch markers - paper clips or bobby pins work great!
  8. Work near a window or with good lighting
  9. Get comfortable - with everything you may need (phone, tea, remotes, etc)
  10. Keep good posture - don’t slump or let your shoulders ride up
  11. Make a chain until you have a foot of consecutive smooth stitches.
  12. Start with small projects (Stitch Sampler Cowl - in the round)
  13. Put the pattern in a page protector so you can make notes as you go along.
  14. Slide a bobby pin down the edge of the pattern to keep track of where you are
  15. Try patterns with only one new skill each time
  16. Try an ergonomic hook - or a Clover if you can
  17. Cake up your yarn and work from the center
  18. Find a great place to display your yarn and store your tools
  19. Note down your hook size for each project - wip cards or price tags
  20. Have a WIP ready to go - diaper bags work GREAT for hooking on the go!
  21. Try to hook for a few minutes every day