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Discover How to Create a Flower Granny Square in Minutes!

August 15, 2023 4 min read

Discover How to Create a Flower Granny Square in Minutes! - Secret Yarnery

Greetings, fellow crafters! Christa here! I'm excited to share my journey into the world of crochet, specifically with the delightful forget-me-not flower granny square. Crocheting has been my sanctuary of creativity, and this pattern holds a special place in my heart. Join me as I guide you through the process of crafting your own forget-me-not flower granny square, and let's embark on a floral adventure together!


Discovering the Magic of Forget-Me-Not Flower Granny Squares

Watch the LEFT-HANDED video tutorial here!!


The forget-me-not flower is a symbol of enduring love and cherished memories. Capturing its beauty in crochet form is a joyful endeavor that infuses your creations with elegance and sentiment.

Gathering the Essential Tools

Before we delve into the crafting process, let's gather the essentials:

  • Yarn that resonates with the forget-me-not's delicate hues – blues, whites, and greens are perfect choices. Favorite from Ice yarns is recommended. Access it here!!
  • The trusted crochet hook (I prefer 5.0mm hook size). Find it here!!
  • A pair of scissors, always at the ready for precision.
  • A yarn needle, my trusty companion for seamless finishing.

1: Setting the Foundation with a Center Ring

Every crochet journey begins with a circle of magic. Using the calming blue yarn, I create a snug center ring and secure it with a gentle chain stitch.

2: Crafting the Forget-Me-Not Petals

With the white yarn, I embark on forming the charming forget-me-not petals. Five double crochet stitches into the center ring create the foundation, and a slip stitch completes each petal, forming a radiant circular design.

3: Embracing the Charm of the Granny Square

Switching to the soothing green yarn, I transform the circular motif into a square by crocheting single stitches. Each corner receives three single crochet stitches, weaving the floral magic into a symmetrical frame.

4: Adding Layers of Beauty

Continuing with the blue yarn, I build layers of beauty with the granny stitch pattern. Chains and clusters of double crochet stitches create a textured masterpiece that radiates the essence of the forget-me-not flower.

5: Your Creative Canvas Awaits

The beauty of this pattern lies in its versatility. Feel free to explore various color combinations, stitch counts, and sizes. Your forget-me-not flower granny square is a canvas for your imagination.

Incorporating Forget-Me-Not Flower Granny Squares into Your Projects

The Forget Me Not flower granny squares you create can be incorporated into an array of projects:

  • Enchanting blankets and throws
  • Graceful scarves and shawls
  • Delicate pillow covers
  • Endearing tote bags

Nurturing Your Crocheted Creations

Caring for your crocheted wonders is essential. I recommend gentle hand washing in cold water with mild detergent, followed by careful reshaping and flat drying to preserve their allure.

Reflections on My Crafting Journey

Creating forget-me-not flower granny squares has been a deeply fulfilling journey. Each stitch holds a piece of my creativity, and the transformation from yarn to art is a testament to the beauty of crafting.


FAQs – Your Curiosities Answered

FAQ: Can I use different colors for the petals? 

Absolutely! Experimenting with various shades adds a personalized touch to your forget-me-not flowers.

FAQ: Is this pattern beginner-friendly?

Yes, it's a wonderful way for beginners to explore crochet and create something beautiful.

FAQ: Can I adjust the size of the granny square?

Certainly! You can customize the size by adding more rounds using the granny stitch pattern.

FAQ: Are there other flower-inspired crochet patterns to explore?

Absolutely! Crochet offers a plethora of flower patterns, from roses to daisies and beyond.

FAQ: Can I sell my creations using this pattern? 

Of course! While you can sell your creations, crediting the pattern source is a kind gesture.

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Questions Answered

Q1: What if I make mistakes while crocheting?

A1: Mistakes are part of the process! Simply unravel the stitches and give it another go – it's all about learning.

Q2: How long does it usually take to complete a square?

A2: The time varies based on skill level and size, so enjoy the process at your own pace.
Q3: Can I combine forget-me-not squares with other patterns?

A3: Absolutely! Mixing and matching patterns can result in stunning, unique creations.

Q4: What's the best way to join these squares?

A4: You can use slip stitches, single crochet stitches, or any preferred joining method to create larger projects.

Q5: Can I use the forget-me-not square as a decorative piece?

A5: Absolutely! These squares make lovely wall hangings or framed art pieces.


As we wrap up this journey into the world of forget-me-not flower granny squares, I encourage you to embrace your creativity. Each stitch you craft holds a piece of your story. May your hooks keep dancing and your yarn keep weaving tales of beauty and inspiration.

As a seasoned crochet enthusiast and designer, I've had the pleasure of witnessing the transformative power of crochet in my life and the lives of others. I believe that every crochet project is an expression of love and creativity, and the Forget Me Not Flower Granny Square is no exception. With a passion for sharing my knowledge and experiences, I'm dedicated to helping fellow crafters discover the joy and magic of crochet.

Happy crocheting, dear readers! With a grateful heart, I bid you farewell. 🌼