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Easy to follow patterns - WRITTEN IN PLAIN ENGLISH - no abreviations to decipher!


Christa Patel

A Little About Me...

 Hello!  My name is Christa.  I am a mother of 4 school age children, wife, homemaker, and avid crochet enthusiast.  Thanks so much for stopping by!


I am a prairie girl at heart.  Born in a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada, I spent my elementary years in Jasper Alberta, and my high school years in Vancouver British Columbia.  I traveled sporadically around Europe in my 20's.  Although "Africa" was never on my bucket list, once I made it to Kenya in 2000, I knew my life was going to change!  


Kenya was everything I had been looking for - without me even realizing I had been looking!  The people are warm and friendly.  The culture is modest and old fashioned.  The climate is literally perfect.  And don't start me on the beaches!  Absolutely world class.  In 2001 I moved to Kenya with the intention of staying for one year.  I met my husband, got married, and have been here ever since!


In 2016 I rented a tent at a local craft fair to raise awareness and income for a local children's Home.  I had put together a few crochet kits - the yarn, hook, and instructions to complete a project.  Surprisingly, most people asked if I could teach them how to crochet instead of following along with instructions and a kit!  The next day I put of a sign saying "Learn to Crochet!", and had a sign up sheet.  Although quite a few people signed up, I assumed they were just being polite and went about my normal life.


Two weeks later I began receiving phone calls and emails from one lady in particular (Kavita, for all of you who join in on our Live Community Chats on my YouTube channel!), asking when classes were starting.  Assuming it was just going to be the two of us, we picked a Saturday and a local coffee shop.  I sent an email out to the other people who had signed up to invite them to join us.


Much to my surprise, 19 people showed up!  It was exciting and flattering, but also impossible to teach that many beginners at the exact same time.  Luckily there was another experienced crocheter there who helped teach her side of the cafe, and by the end of class everyone had at least started something.  From there we branched into 2 classes a week.  For each class I would come up with a new project and a pattern, and bring the yarn for the students to pick from.  


After about 6 months my students began picking their own patterns, and class became much more about helping them with their own projects instead of everyone learning the same skill at the same time.  There was one student in particular, Litsa, who wouldn't remember what to do once she left class each Saturday!  She would return the following Saturday in the exact same spot. 


One Saturday Kavita suggested we film the next step for Litsa - so she could watch it at home and be able to work on her project during the week.  And thus my YouTube channel was born!  A 60 second color change in a coffee shop!  I began making and a video tutorial available before each class, and in Left Handed versions as well, since Litsa is left handed. 


Fast forward 2 years, and "class" has morphed from a group of ladies at a local coffee shop in Nairobi Kenya, to a global community of amazing people who share a passion for creation and a love of yarn!


Uplift.  Inspire.  Create!