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A Little About my Tutorials...
Coming from a background of teaching people without experience to crochet, my tutorials are easy to follow, with special attention and explanations to get you over the tricky bits! I show you what stitch to go into, how to start a new row, change colors, and even work in your ends!

  There are over 100 easy to follow tutorials over on the YouTube channel, ranging from cowls, to blankets, to blocks, to bags, to sweaters, to ponchos!

We also include Left Handed crochet tutorials on our YouTube channel for our left handed hooker friends!

  Head on over and browse through our playlists to be inspired and find your next project!

Easy Scraptastic Stashbuster Blanket

great stashbusting crochet blanket

Drunken Granny Baby Blanket

A beautiful crochet blanket that is perfect for absolute beginner

Fast & Easy Infinity Scarf for Beginners

Easy crochet infinity scarf for beginners

4 Granny Square Sweater

Simple sweater made from 4 granny squares

Melted Granny Square

Granny Square that fits together like melted cookies

Easy Boxing Granny Square

Granny Square with a shadow box effect

Puzzled Granny Square

Granny Square for Autism Blanket

The Drunken Granny Stitch

Fancy looking crochet that is perfect for beginners

Easy Stacking Tile Crochet Border

Easy crochet border for any blanket