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CHEAP Yarn Shopping Tips

November 15, 2023 2 min read

CHEAP Yarn Shopping Tips - Secret Yarnery

Hi, fellow crochet enthusiasts! Christa here! If you're an avid crocheter, you're probably aware of how expensive yarn can be. But don't worry, there are ways to get your hands on good yarn without breaking the bank!

Check out these useful tips to keep costs down:

  • Shop Online

Many online yarn stores provide clearance yarn and discontinued yarn for cheap! Check back weekly to see what is on offer.

  • Use Coupons

Watch for holiday discounts and coupons to purchase inexpensive yarn from local shops. Some shops even let you stack your coupons!

  • Buy in bulk

If you live in Kenya, try contacting yarn factories to buy directly in bulk!

  • Try Different Fibers

While natural fibers like wool and alpaca can be expensive, synthetic fibers like acrylic can be budget-friendly, and for some projects, shopping bags, cotton sheets, and other materials can be converted to yarn!

Watch the video for more;

Add these tips into your yarn-hunting routine, and you'll be able to crochet to your heart's content without breaking the bank.

Have a tip? Let us know in the comments under my latest yarn haul video!


Q: What if I don't have a local yarn shop near me?

A: No problem! Many great deals can still be found at large chain craft stores, online retailers, or by buying used yarn.

Q: How can I store large quantities of yarn? 

A: Plastic storage tubs, fabric bins, and shelf-ready carts work great for organizing bulk yarn. Proper ventilation is key to prevent moisture issues.

Q: Is it okay to substitute yarns mid-project? 

A: In most cases, it's fine to substitute yarns within the same project as long as the new yarn has a similar gauge, fiber content, and colorway. Always test a gauge swatch first.

Q: What's the best way to inspect used yarn?

A: Gently pull the yarn from the outside inward, checking for knots, pilling, or breaks in the plies or strands. Twist or pull gently to test for strength before committing to a used yarn purchase.

Q: How do I join a local yarn craft community? 

A: Join my vibrant crochet community here and be a member of the family. You will get insights, inspiration and information on all things yarn and crochet.