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How to Crochet For Beginners- Tools Needed

February 22, 2023 3 min read

How to Crochet For Beginners- Tools Needed - Secret Yarnery

Looking to start crocheting and do not know where to start from? Well here is the perfect beginners crochet guide. 

Crocheting is creating textile by using a crochet hook to interlock loops of yarn. It is craft that has been used for centuries to create beautiful items such bedding, clothing, accessories and decor. There is a vast range of things to crochet and ultimately depends on ones creativity. 


Here are the basic crochet tools for beginners;

Crochet Hook 



Yarn Needle

Stitch marker 

1. Crochet Hooks

To start choose a 6mm or 5 mm hook, or any bigger crochet hook size. 

2. Yarn

There are several yarns out there, and this might be a bit confusing for a beginner. For best results, while learning to crochet avoid the following types of yarns;

- Avoid any textured yarns

-Avoid yarn that differs in thickness

-Avoid fuzzy yarn

Start crocheting with a size 4 worsted weight acrylic yarn. Pick a light or bright colour. 

3. Scissors 

Choose any good pair of sharp, pointy scissors. Keep an eye out for manicure scissors as they work great. 

4. Yarn Needle

A yarn needle is different from the regular needle. The yarn needle is blunt and has a large eye to accomodate yarn that is thicker than regular thread.  

Yarn needles are made from plastic or metal material.  The most common needles are the plastic ones, they work okay but however they do break or bend when used on tight stitches. They are good and safe for teaching kids to crochet. 

If you are considering crochet for a longer time, you can use the bent tip clovers which holds the yarn really well. The type of yarn needle to choose is up to preference and comfortability. 

5. Stitch Makers

Stitch makers are not absolutely necessary, but are useful to have while crocheting. If not available, you can alternatively use bobby pins or paper clips. 

Other tools

There are other tools that you might want, that are good to have but not necessary. They are the sort of items you acquire overtime as your passion for crochet grows. These include; 

6. Tape measure

To make your crochet project precise especially when following a pattern, get a tape measure to use. A carpenters tape works well, it is rigid hence you can measure straight across easily. 

7. Work In Progress basket

Any small basket would work, they are good to store your projects, yarn, hook, tape measure, tin of accessories and all your other tools. They are a great organisation item. You can also just use a bowl from the kitchen. 

8.Neck light 

Getting a neck light is handy for crocheting in the dark or crocheting with dark yarn during the day. Get a bendable one to point exactly where your hands are. 

9.Needle threader

If you have a hard time getting your yarn through the needle eye, a needle threader makes it easier.

10. Yarn cutter

Used to cut yarn. They are small and compact, easy to carry around. 

11. Accessory tins

An accessory tin packs in all small bits you might need for a project i.e needle threaders, scissors, buttons, stitch makers, needles or any other bits and pieces. 


Watch the detailed video tutorial here

Stay Hooking!