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Easy Crochet Heart Coaster Pattern for Beginners

February 12, 2024 2 min read

Easy Crochet Heart Coaster Pattern for Beginners - Secret Yarnery

If you're looking for a quick and easy project to practice your crochet stitches, look no further than this Easy Crochet Heart Coaster pattern. As a beginner crocheter myself, I wanted to design a simple pattern that was approachable for any skill level. This heart coaster only requires a small amount of yarn and basic crochet stitches, making it perfect for newcomers to get the hang of.

The Pattern

The written pattern for this coaster is very straightforward with no confusing abbreviations. Each step is explained in plain English so you don't need to decipher any crochet shorthand. You can find the full written pattern for the Easy Crochet Heart Coaster here. With the written instructions and video tutorials, you'll be able to complete this project without any issues.

Video Tutorials

In addition to the written instructions, I've also provided video tutorials for left-handed and right-handed crocheters. Being able to see the stitches demonstrated from the appropriate angle is incredibly helpful as a beginning crocheter.

Left-handed tutorial: here


Instant PDF Download

Get started on your crochet adventure right away with our instant PDF download option. Simply click here to access the written pattern instantly. No waiting for shipping or worrying about missing out on the fun!

Easy to Complete

With practice, you'll be able to complete the Easy Crochet Heart Coaster in just an evening. Don't be afraid to go slowly as you learn each new stitch.

Finishing Touches

Once you've finished crocheting the heart shape, the coaster is done except for a quick finish. I like to attach mine to a hair clip to make it easily portable.

Give it a Try!

Whether you're a total beginner or experienced crocheter, the Easy Crochet Heart Coaster pattern is perfect to add to your repertoire. Be sure to share your finished coasters with me by tagging @thesecretyarnery on social media. I'd love to see what you crochet!

Hi, my name is Christa and I'm the owner of The Secret Yarnery, an online yarn shop and crochet community. As a self-taught crocheter, I enjoy designing simple patterns to help others learn the joys of this craft. In my spare time, I love testing new recipes in my kitchen and spending time outdoors with my pets.