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Super Easy Granny Square for Beginners - Changing Colors!

August 22, 2023 4 min read

Super Easy Granny Square for Beginners - Changing Colors! - Secret Yarnery

Hello, fellow crochet enthusiasts! I'm Christa, and I'm thrilled to dive into the realm of color-changing crochet with you. In this blog, we explore the magic of the Color Changing Granny Square pattern – a project that showcases the beauty of transitioning hues. As a passionate crocheter, I'm excited to introduce you to the world of color play. Let's embark on a journey that adds vibrancy and artistry to our crochet creations!

Crafting with Colors: The Color Changing Granny Square


Watch the LEFT-HANDED video tutorial here!!



Embracing Simplicity

In the realm of crochet, simplicity can often lead to the most charming results. The Super Easy Changing Colors Granny Square technique lets you effortlessly transition between colors, adding a touch of magic to your creations.

Why Choose Changing Colors

Changing colors within your granny squares offers depth, vibrancy, and a new level of visual interest. With this crochet technique, you can infuse your projects with a burst of color that captures attention and sparks joy.

Selecting Yarn and Hook

Before we dive into changing colors, let's ensure you have the right tools. Choose yarn that speaks to your color vision and texture preferences, then pair it with an appropriate hook size for balanced stitches. Saver 100 from Iceyarns is recommended, which you can access here. I will be using a 6.0mm hook size. 


 A Symphony of Hues

Imagine a canvas where colors dance together in harmony. The Color Changing Granny Square pattern allows you to create masterpieces that tell stories through shades.

Depth and Dimension

Adding new colors brings your granny squares to life. By transitioning between hues, you create squares that are not only visually captivating but also texturally rich.

Infinite Creative Possibilities

With each color change, you have the power to transform the mood and expression of your project. Let your imagination run wild as you experiment with color combinations.

Creating Your Color Changing Granny Square: A Step-by-Step Guide

Gather Your Colors

Start by selecting a palette of yarn colors that inspire you. These colors will define the narrative of your granny square and breathe life into your creation.

Begin with Basics

Crochet the foundation rounds of your granny square using the first color. The initial stitches set the stage for the color-changing magic that follows.

Embrace the Transition

As you progress, switch to new colors following the pattern's instructions. Each transition is an opportunity to infuse your project with a fresh burst of energy.


Addressing Your Questions about the Color Changing Granny Square

Q: How do I ensure smooth color transitions without abrupt changes?

A: To achieve smooth transitions, crochet the last stitch of the old color and the first stitch of the new color together for a seamless shift.

Q: Can I use variegated yarn for color-changing projects?

A: Absolutely! Variegated yarn adds a dynamic look to your granny squares, creating visual interest with minimal effort.

Q: Can I create intricate designs using color changes?

A: Certainly! Experiment with different stitch combinations and color placements to create intricate patterns that showcase your skills.

Q: Can I combine solid colors with variegated yarn for a unique effect?

A: Yes, combining solids with variegated yarn can create striking contrasts that make your granny squares truly stand out.

Q: Can I use this technique for other crochet projects?

A: Beyond granny squares, color-changing techniques can be applied to a wide range of projects, from garments to home decor.

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Your Curiosities Answered

Q: Can I use this technique to create ombre effects in my granny squares?

A: Absolutely! The color-changing technique is perfect for achieving beautiful ombre transitions that add depth and visual interest.

Q: How do I weave in the ends when changing colors?

A: To weave in ends neatly, crochet over them as you work with the new color, minimizing the need for extensive weaving later.

Q: Are there any color combinations that work exceptionally well together?

A: The possibilities are endless! Experiment with analogous colors for a harmonious look or complementary colors for striking contrasts.

Q: Can I incorporate this technique into larger projects like blankets?

A: Definitely! Using the color-changing technique, you can create stunning motifs that can be joined to craft blankets bursting with color.

Q: How can I ensure consistent tension when switching colors?

A: Pay attention to your tension as you switch colors to maintain a consistent gauge. Practice will help you achieve even tension transitions.

With the Color Changing Granny Square written pattern, you're not just crocheting; you're painting with yarn. Each stitch is a brushstroke, each color change a stroke of genius. Let's infuse our projects with a symphony of colors, creating pieces that are as vibrant and unique as you are. So, gather your colors, embrace the transitions, and let's crochet a world of creativity that knows no bounds.

I am an experienced crochet artist and expert, specializing in crochet and knitting techniques. Through my extensive knowledge and passion for these crafts, I aim to encourage crocheters of all levels to explore their creativity and enjoy the process of creating beautiful, handmade items. Join me on my YouTube channel and discover the joy of crocheting and knitting!