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Frankly Circles

July 22, 2023 3 min read

Frankly Circles - Secret Yarnery

Embrace Timeless Elegance

Indulge in the allure of timeless beauty with our exquisite Frankly Circles collection. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted to perfection, exuding an air of sophistication that complements any outfit. Elevate your style with the perfect blend of classic design and modern craftsmanship. Embrace the confidence and grace that comes with wearing Frankly Circles, a symbol of sophistication and refinement.

Craftsmanship that Inspires

Our skilled artisans pour their heart and soul into every Frankly Circles creation. Witness the magic of expert craftsmanship that brings each piece to life. The attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensures that you receive nothing but the best. Embrace the beauty of handmade jewelry that transcends trends and stands the test of time. Each Frankly Circle is a testament to the dedication and passion that goes into crafting an extraordinary piece of art.

Access the downloadable written pattern here, the right-handed video tutorial here, and the left-handed video tutorial here!

Versatility Redefined

Discover the joy of versatile accessories that seamlessly transition from day to night, casual to formal. Frankly, Circles are designed to be the perfect companion for every occasion. Embrace the freedom of effortlessly mixing and matching different pieces from the collection to create your unique ensemble. Let your creativity flow as you style your way to perfection with Frankly Circles, the epitome of chic versatility.

Find out more about the elegant crochet design here;


Q1: What is the "invisible decrease crochet" technique, and why is it important for Frankly Circles?

A1: The "invisible decrease crochet" technique is a method of decreasing stitches in a way that creates a seamless and polished look. It is crucial for Frankly Circles because it ensures a clean and professional finish, making the decreases nearly invisible in the final motif.

Q2: Can I use Frankly Circles in projects other than blankets and shawls?

A2: Absolutely! Frankly Circles can be used in a wide range of projects, including scarves, bags, home decor, and even clothing items. Their circular shape and intricate design make them versatile for various creative endeavors.

Q3: Are there specific color combinations that work best for Frankly Circles?
A3: There are no specific rules for color combinations; it all depends on your personal preferences and the project you're working on. Experiment with different colors to create unique and eye-catching motifs that suit your style.

Q4: Can I make larger or smaller Frankly Circles by adjusting the pattern?

A4: Yes, you can easily modify the size of the Frankly Circles by adding or reducing the number of rounds. Just make sure to maintain the pattern's stitch counts to ensure a balanced and consistent look.

Q5: I'm a left-handed crocheter; will I be able to follow the video tutorials?

A5: Absolutely! We provide both right-handed and left-handed video tutorials, so you can confidently follow along, regardless of your dominant hand. 



Q1: Are Frankly Circles suitable for beginners?

A1: Yes, Frankly Circles can be enjoyed by beginners and experienced crocheters alike. The video tutorials and written patterns offer clear instructions, making them accessible to all skill levels.

Q2: Can I use Frankly Circles in amigurumi projects?

A2: Absolutely! Frankly Circles can be used as decorative elements in amigurumi projects, adding a unique touch to your cute creations.

Q3: Can I sell items made with Frankly Circles?

A3: Yes, you can sell items made with Frankly Circles, as long as you credit the pattern source to respect the designer's rights.

Q4: Can I modify the size of the circles?

A4: Yes, you can easily adjust the size of the circles by adding or reducing the number of rounds. Just keep the pattern's stitch counts consistent for a polished look.

Q5: Can I use different color combinations for the circles?

A5: Absolutely! Feel free to play with various color combinations to create personalized and eye-catching Frankly Circles.

Feel free to explore the world of Frankly Circles and let your creativity flow as you incorporate these stunning motifs into your crochet creations!

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As an experienced crocheter and designer, I've had the joy of working with Frankly Circles and have seen firsthand the impact they can have on crochet projects. With a passion for sharing my knowledge and inspiring fellow crocheters, I'm thrilled to introduce you to the wonders of Frankly Circles and the magic of the invisible decrease crochet technique.

Happy Crochetting!