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Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Granny Square for Absolute Beginners!

June 28, 2024 3 min read

Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Granny Square for Absolute Beginners! - Secret Yarnery

Welcome to my crochet corner! I'm Christa from the Secret Yarnery, and today I'm excited to share with you an easy-to-follow, step-by-step pattern to make beautiful Crochet Granny Squares. This project is perfect for absolute beginners and will help you practice your stitches while creating something lovely and versatile.

Why Crochet Granny Squares?

Granny squares are a staple in the crochet world for a reason. They are incredibly versatile, can be used in a variety of projects, and are perfect for both warm and cold climates. You can make a cozy blanket or a stylish bag. The best part? They require a small amount of yarn, making them an economical choice for practice and projects.

Key Points:

  • Easy to follow instructions: This pattern is designed to be simple and straightforward.
  • Beginner friendly: No prior experience needed! If you can hold a crochet hook, you can make a granny square.
  • Written in plain English: No confusing abbreviations or jargon.
  • Instant PDF download: Get the pattern instantly and start crocheting right away.
  • Both left and right-handed video tutorials: No one is left out! Follow along with video tutorials tailored for both lefties and righties.
  • Small amount of yarn: Great for using up leftover yarn or trying out new colors.
  • Great project to practice your stitches: Improve your skills with every square.

    Materials You’ll Need:

    • Yarn: Any medium-weight yarn will work for this project. Choose your favorite colors!
    • Crochet hook: Use the hook size recommended on your yarn label.
    • Scissors: For cutting your yarn.
    • Tapestry needle: To weave in the ends.

      Helpful Tips

      • Tension: Keep your tension consistent. Too tight and your square will curl; too loose and it will be floppy.
      • Practice: The more you practice, the better your squares will look.
      • Watch the Tutorials: If you’re a visual learner, check out my video tutorials.

      Video Tutorials

      For those who prefer video instructions, I’ve got you covered. Follow along with my detailed tutorials:

      Check out the left handed tutorial 👉👉 here


      These videos will guide you through each step, ensuring you understand the process from start to finish.

      Finishing Touches

      Once you’ve completed your granny squares, it’s time to finish them up. Weave in any loose ends with your tapestry needle. If you’re making accessories, attach the squares to hair clips or other items as desired. For blankets or larger projects, you can join multiple squares together using your favorite joining method.

      Why You’ll Love This Project

      This project is not just about making granny squares; it’s about enjoying the process of crafting something beautiful with your own hands. Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to improve your skills, this pattern offers a wonderful opportunity to practice and perfect your crochet techniques. Plus, the instant gratification of completing a square is incredibly satisfying!

      Download the Pattern

      Ready to get started? Download the instant PDF pattern 👉 here and dive into your new crochet adventure! Whether you’re curling up with your yarn on a cold winter night or enjoying a sunny day on the porch, this project is perfect for any time and place.

      I'm Christa, the creator behind the Secret Yarnery. I’ve been crocheting for years and love sharing my passion with others. My goal is to make crochet accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of skill level. Through my tutorials, patterns, and blog posts, I aim to inspire creativity and provide easy-to-follow instructions that anyone can master.

      Thank you for joining me in this crochet journey. Happy crocheting!