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Water bottle holder crochet pattern

July 06, 2023 3 min read

Water bottle holder crochet pattern - Secret Yarnery

Are you tired of carrying your water bottle around or misplacing it? Well, fret no more because I've got the perfect solution for you. In this blog, I'll share an easy-to-follow crochet pattern to help you create a stylish and functional water bottle holder. Not only will it keep your hydration companion secure, but it'll also showcase your crochet skills and personal style. So, grab your hooks, and let's get started on this fun and practical project!

Watch the LEFT-HANDED video tutorial here!!



 Why You Need a Water Bottle Holder

A water bottle holder is more than just a convenient accessory—it's a game-changer. Whether you're out for a hike, heading to the gym, or simply running errands, having a dedicated holder for your water bottle offers a multitude of benefits. It keeps your hands free, prevents accidental spills, and ensures easy access to hydration wherever you go. Plus, with a custom-made crochet holder, you can add a touch of personal flair and show off your creativity.

 Choosing the Right Yarn and Hook Size

When it comes to crafting the perfect water bottle holder, choosing the right yarn and hook size is key. Opt for a sturdy yet lightweight yarn that can withstand everyday use. Acrylic or cotton yarns are great options, providing durability and washability. I'll recommend the natural cotton yarn here.  As for the hook size, it depends on the yarn thickness and the desired tightness of your stitches. A 5.0 mm hook is recommended in this case. Remember, the right yarn and hook pairing will ensure a well-structured and functional water bottle holder.

Now, let's dive into the heart of this blog—the water bottle holder crochet pattern. I've designed a step-by-step guide that's perfect for crocheters of all skill levels. The pattern includes detailed step-by-step instructions, stitch explanations, and helpful tips to guide you through the process.

Whether you prefer written patterns or visual tutorials, I've got you covered. You can access the written pattern here. Find our right-handed tutorial here and the left-handed video tutorials here to assist you along the way. 

 Personalizing Your Water Bottle Holder

One of the joys of crochet is the ability to personalize your creations. With the water bottle holder pattern as your foundation, feel free to unleash your creativity and add your unique touch. Experiment with different stitch patterns, color combinations, and embellishments to make your holder truly one-of-a-kind. Add buttons, beads, or tassels for extra flair, or incorporate stripes and textures to elevate the design. Remember, this is your opportunity to showcase your style and create a water bottle holder that reflects your personality.


Q1: Can I adjust the size of the water bottle holder?

A1: Absolutely! The pattern provided is a standard size, but you can easily customize it to fit your specific water bottle. Simply adjust the number of stitches and rounds to accommodate the diameter and height of your bottle.

Q2: Can I sell the water bottle holders I make using this pattern?

A2: Yes, you can sell the finished products you make using this pattern. However, please credit the pattern to our website when listing or sharing your creations.

Q3: Are the video tutorials available in multiple languages?

A3: Currently, our video tutorials are available in English only. However, we provide written patterns that can be translated using online translation tools for crocheters worldwide.


Congratulations on discovering the wonderful world of water bottle holder crochet patterns! I hope this blog post has inspired you to grab your hooks and start crocheting. Don't forget to share your beautiful creations with us using #WaterBottleSlingCrochet and tag us @secretyarnery.com.

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