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Cakes & Candles Lacy Crochet Baby Blanket

This Cakes & Candles Baby Blanket is a wonderful lacy crochet project.  It has two rows that repeat with easy ways to remember what you need to do into each set of stitches.  You can use any yarn with the hook that is suggested on your yarn label.

Customer Reviews

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Mary Blakelock
Lovely Pattern

I have not done this pattern yet I normally see patterns and get them to do in the future. I have a to do folder for my patterns I want to do. I have quickly read over the pattern and have no problem understanding the written pattern.

Loretta Wade

can't really say haven't done it yet but it is well written and looks easy to follow

Jean Kimball
Easy project

It is a very simple pattern, after you learn the repeat pattern. Thank you.

Helen McLenaghan
Cakes and candels

Made 2 blankets already. Very easy pattern. Thanks

Theresa Boyce
Love this pattern

I have watched the tutorial and bought the pattern. Once you work out the 2 row repeat it’s easy peasy. I’m doing this blanket now for my neice. So simple to do. I listen to the TV as I work the pattern. I’ve also used Ice Yarns, puzzle, which is variegated. I could not buy the wool Christa used. Looks very much the same. The written pattern is not overwhelming and there is a link to the tutorial.
I absolutely love watching Christa and am so inspired by The Secret Yarnery. Ive already purchased ice yarn for the following products - Granny Puzzle Square, WIP, and the Daisy Granny Square.
I have enhanced and learnt new crochet skills. Christa makes everything look so simple and easy to do. Keep on going TSY. So happy to make further purchases in the near future. Thank you Christa.