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Gingham Crochet Corner to Corner Blanket with Easy Bobble Border

This easy pattern uses 2 strands of worsted weight yarn and a join as you go technique to achieve a perfect replica of gingham fabric!  Works up quickly with a 7.0mm hook, and also includes the Easy Bobble Border - the perfect border for any C2C or granny square blanket!

 Instant PDF download & both right and left handed video tutorials.

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Adventurous Beginners this is 4 you!😉 This wasn't as hard as it looks! Came out GORGEOUS!

I am a lefty and so I made this blanket using the authors AMAZING YouTube tutorial. I loved it so much that I bought the pattern (Which is a very easy & simple explanation.) I had already made it before downloading the pattern)

At first I couldn't get my mind wrapped around making the blocks due to me being left handed & starting with the right handed tutorial. Normally my brain can unscramble the mirror image I see on the tutorial when viewing right handed patterns, however, this was not computing in my brain. So in the notes on the YouTube channel I wrote "Help! Does this come in left handed?" I was severely struggling because this was my 1st attempt to do anything C2C. However! Krista was so helpful in personally answering my questions and leading me to the right (left handed) video.

Once I watched the left handed one my brain came back to earth & was abled to confidently make this blanket! This blanket turned out sooooooo beautiful. I made mine smaller (9x9) because it was being made as a baby blanket.

*Side note: This is done using 2 strands of yarn throughout the project and can be a bit of a yarn 🧶 eater! Also extremely thick, would be a good winter blanket pattern.
However, you could make it using one strand if you wanted, you just wouldn't get the cool multi colored blocks effect

P. S. Thank you Krista & the Secret Yarnery staff for making such amazing & simple projects that are so beautiful & complex looking and making this fun & understandable.

Annie Daddo
Gingham Corner to Corner Blanket

A wonderful pattern that I look forward to making soon Great edging.Looks amazing.Great design,Christa 🙏👌x🐨🌏👏

Janice Guy
Love the title!

I haven’t had a chance to crochet the blanket. Have to many WIPs going at this time, but it’s definitely near the top of my “next” list. I’m excited to get started. It’s a beautiful Afghan!

Defense of previous post.

If you count the blocks there are 9 across & 13 down. Which means once you make the 1st row across multiply that by 13 and that is how big your blanket will be. I stopped at row 9 so mine is a 9x9 (nine blocks across & 9 blocks down.

But you can remake the 1st-4th rows as many times (or as few times as in my case) as you think you need. I hope this helps you figure out how gage works. There are many great YouTubers out there that explain this.

Susanne Nichol
Gingham crochet c2c blanket

I watched your tutorial on YouTube where it said how much yarn to use then I read the written pattern but there is no mention of how much yarn to use and no finishing size of the blanket. I am in the UK and do not have the yarn you promote. Therefore I find it difficult to know how much yarn to buy.
The pattern and tutorial are well written and presented