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Granny Square Heart Crochet Coasters

These adorable crochet hearts start as a traditional granny square and are large enough for a coffee cup and a treat!   You can use any yarn you have on hand with the hook size suggested on your yarn label - a smaller hook will make a smaller heart, and a larger hook with make a larger heart.  You are also welcome to make different sizes by using different hooks for different heart, or stopping after row 3. :)

Customer Reviews

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Gerrie Carson
Granny Square Heart Crochet Coasters

they were easy to make and I had fun making the

Mary Rush
Granny heart

I used pattern to make a scrubby and it worked just fine

Debra Ewing
My Favorite Crochet Heart Coaster/Applique

This is absolutely my favorite crochet heart coaster/applique pattern. I've made it in cotton crochet threads #3 and 10, and also in acrylic medium #4 weight yarn. They are great for any occasion, and they fit easily in envelops for mailing to friends and family...or anyone who needs a hug. Thank you, Christa, for this wonderful pattern and your great tutorial.

Great pattern and YouTube video

Gosh.....what a great pattern.....really enjoyed making it. So much so I've made 20 over the past three days!

Lorie Pearson
Square Heart Coaster

The finished product is great. Instructions were clear and the video helped too. Thanks for sharing.