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Making Circles into Squares

Turn your circles into squares!

Turn your crochet circles into squares!  The easy to follow pattern is written in plain English, with zero abbreviation to decipher!  Thank you for your support!

Customer Reviews

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Beverly Farmer
Making Circles into Squares

I have not received this BOGO pattern nor another the New Christmas Flower when the above order was placed. I ordered the new Zinnia flower and a Sunflower pattern which I did not receive. This is my fourth letter asking for this to be corrected. One letter also was followed by my confirmed email. Please correct this error. Thank you, Beverly Farmer

Jacqueline Stokes

Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback. In my opinion the pattern could be improved by -
- Including instructions for round 2 for all ring circles not just the 5 ring circle. For a beginner adjusting the stitch count is very confusing without clear instructions
- Including the instructions for what is shown on the YouTube tutorial i.e. Turning your work at the end of each round/adding a row of single crochet/adjusting the stitch to hide the join etc

Leeora Patterson
Circle into squares

The pattern was easy to follow once I saw the video with the two I figured it out, thanks

Ian Dawson
Making Circles!

Good clear pattern enjoyed it thoroughly, thank you, Lois

carol ann kosinski
Circles to squares

Haven’t been able to try yet as I am in hospital. But looking forward to when I am home with my yarn and hooks