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Luscious Ambiente Shawl with Berry Lettuce Border - Easy to Follow Written Crochet Pattern

This glorious shawl can be made any size - just start the border when it is a few inches above your wrists!  I used Ambiente yarn from Ice Yarns for mine (it’s massive! Plus size for SURE!), but you can use any size 5 yarn that you like.

Customer Reviews

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June Swanson

It is so pretty. You are very creative. The edging on the shawl sets it off with lots of character. Now I have to find just the right yarn. Hmmmmm, choices, choices, choices. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

Kay R Pratt

I found a You Tube video to help me figure out the Corner to Corner stitch where you "flip" the stitch at the end of the row. I used stitch markers and that helped. And I'm still wondering what it means where you say, "Repeat this all the way along your staircase until you are at the end of the row, and your shawl is a couple inches abour your wrists." I figured you must just keep repeating this row after row until the desired length is reached. Where do you place the shawl on your body to determine this length? At the top of the shoulder, or up against the neck?


Leslie Snuffer
OOAK Frilly Edged Shawl

Fell in love with this gorgeous shawl. Can’t wait to try this edge.

Kim Yearyean
Luscious is a perfect name!!!

I've made the Shawl, although I didn't add the Berry Lettuce border, but this shawl is so cozy!!! I love the directions, it was so easy to follow!! It is big and cozy and super warm. It is easy to walk around the house with. I LOVE IT!! I've never followed a written pattern for anything, but these instructions were so easy to follow!!! I won't hesitate to buy another pattern from The Secret Yarnery!!! Thank you for such clear and easy to follow instructions!!!

Syed Shah
Stunning shawl with beautiful border

Christa the best teacher very easy to follow her tutorials and still stylish projects ❤️❤️❤️