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The Tammy Sweater

This sweater is in honor of our dear friend Tammy Lethbridge, and everyone else touched or taken by breast cancer.  It is made to measure - your stitch count will be unique to your sweater, and can be made with any medium or chunky weight yarn.   Also great for fast children sweaters!

Customer Reviews

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FINALLY !!! - truly adjustable

I think this delightful pattern has been available for yonks, but then I am an idiot who always misses things - especially things that would please me. :\
This brief review is for any woman who, like MOI, is pear-shaped: you need this cardigan, believe me ! If your (_|_) is bigger than your boobs measurement, this is The Pattern for you.
Now that Fiberific has introduced me to Clover Amour aluminium hooks, my weird method of crochet allows me to go on making dc after dc without becoming distracted within 10 min.s; so I can confess that I have started no less than THREE of these: 1 in junk aran yarns that do tie in with one another; 1 in Lion Brand Mandala Ombre 'Mantra'; 1 in the same yarn that Christa used, but a very different colourway.
I'm RAPT ! :D

I love the Tammy sweater ! Made several for family and friends I believe four .

I followed the pattern for mine, made adjustments for others in the sleeve area. It was quite simple you made it very easy to follow and it inspired me to think outside the box to make a different look just by changing the sleeves a bit

Can't Wait To Get Started!

I haven't yet started on this sweater, but have reviewed the pattern - it looks great. I had a question about the amount of yarn, wrote to the designer, and she responded with perfect info that same day. Love having that kind of support.


I want to try and make my first sweater. I have a couple of patterns to try, this being one of them. I have watched the video a few times and I am still a little confused when it comes to the neck area and the chaining. It doesn’t look like the neck area will be large enough for the back of my neck. It just doesn’t seem wide enough. I also have to decide what yarn I want to use before I buy 1600 yards. Looking forward to trying this. Very good video and instructions. Love this channel!! ❤️🧶

Beautiful and so easy!!

I love this sweater pattern. I love the design and the significance of what the pattern means. Thank you Christa for all that you do :) I LOVE your youtube channel too!